Our Playground

The following are platforms that Club1BCH members spend most of our time creating content, sharing a multitude of topics, from crypto-related to personal stories. Feel free to check them out and to support our work. Thank you!

read.cash is a blogging platform where you could earn Bitcoin Cash by writing original content.

noise.cash is a short version of read.cash. This mhttps://branch.wallet.bitcoin.com/BxYZ37IA0kbicroblogging platform has a Twitter-like vibe where you can share anything under the sun as long as it is original.

AxieBCH is a gaming guild that gives scholarships to those who are active on their Discord channel. Unlike the other guilds, AxieBCH pays their scholars in Bitcoin Cash and not SLP. To apply for a scholarship, please visit their website or check out their Discord and Telegram channels.

Publish0x is a crypto agnostic platform wherein not only authors can earn certain cryptos but the readers as well.