I know you want to know more about Club1BCH, so here are the most Frequently Asked Questions we received every day.

What is Club1BCH?

Club1BCH is a virtual club that aims to hold at least 1 BCH or more, this is to inspire and motivate others to hold and invest in Bitcoin Cash.

How did Club1BCH start?

Club1BCH is an imaginary club that turned into a virtual club when PVMihalache jokingly said, he had reached 1BCH then Eybyoung jive as she also achieved it and said “Hey! See you in the club!” That’s where the magic happens!

When did Club1BCH materialize?

The idea materialized last January 13, 2021. When PVMihalache finally broadcast the Club1BCH Genesis.

What is the goal of Club1BCH?

The main goal of the club is to inspire and motivate each one of us to be our best, to produce quality over our works, and to constantly support each other while we hold and accumulate Bitcoin Cash.

Why Club1BCH?

We believe Bitcoin Cash is the future, therefore everyone in the club love and supports Bitcoin Cash by sharing awareness and doing testimonial stuff about how it touched or changed our lives.

Who founded Club1BCH?

It was founded by PVMihalache and co-founded by Eybyoung.

How to join Club1BCH?

To join Club1BCH one should be recommended by core members and approved by the majority of club members. This is to ensure that members are trustworthy and will not do anything that will harm the club’s reputation.

Do we need to hold 1BCH to be part of the club?

Not really, you only have to be a BCH lover, supporter and of course, you should also have the same goal with us which is to hold and accumulate it. The amount doesn’t matter.

What if we hold more than 1BCH? Are we still in Club1BCH?

Club1BCH is just a brand name of the group and it doesn’t mean any amount, you can hodl whatever amount you like as long as you have the same goal with us.