Club1BCH UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football – Bitcoin Cash and Charity

The UEFA Champions League group draw took place on Thursday. This means it’s time to announce the new season of the Club1BCH Champions League Fantasy Football!

This tournament will have a different format and bigger prizes. Last season we had $KONRA from the @Empress, $AxieBCH, and NFTs on @SmartBCH as prizes. This season will be only BCH, as the competition will have an entry fee.

The participation fee is 0.05 BCH and the prize pot will be shared between the top 4 managers. The winner will receive 45% of the pot, the runner-up will receive 25%, with 15% for the third place and 5% for the manager that will finish the season in 4th place.

The above prizes will add up to 90%, so guess where the remaining 10% will go? The remaining amount of BCH will go to charity, through The Giving Block 

The Champions League wallet was set, and we already have 5 participants. These guys joined instantly when I told them my idea!

The prize pot is getting big and the event wasn’t even announced yet! Hopefully, after this article more managers will join.

@H3ruvim78 @Crypto_Politics @Carabageac94 and @HappyBoy joined the league and with the four above and me, the prize pot is already 0.5 BCH.

Drop me a DM, or comment on the article if you want to participate. You will receive the invite once the entry fee will be paid and confirmed.

Join the competition, show off your skills and win Bitcoin Cash! If you want to donate any amount for the competition feel free to drop some Bitcoin Cash at:


The crypto charity donations were simplified by The Giving Block, the best place to use crypto for charity.

The Giving Block was founded in 2018, and since then has been implementing new fundraising methods emerging from the cryptocurrency landscape.

The group stage will have blockbusters, with Bayern, Inter, and Barcelona in the same group. Looks like easy jobs for Real Madrid and Manchester City, while in group A everyone has equal chances to qualify in the next round.

Last season, Real Madrid and Liverpool concluded the 2021-2022 edition of the UEFA Champions League. It wasn’t the greatest game in football history, and it wasn’t one of the bad ones either. Benzema scored but the goal was ruled off for offside, Mane hit the post and Courtois did the game of his career. Vinicius scored the winner after 59 minutes.

Klopp said that when the keeper is the MOTM then that team did something wrong. In my humble opinion, Real was lucky to play the final, and even luckier to win it.

The #Club1BCH Fantasy League was a one-horse race, with @Kike9781 winning the tournament with 156 points more than the runner-up. I finished 3rd and the most interesting duel was the 4th place, @George_Dee and  @HappyBoy drew at 687 points.

The last Club1BCH campaign raised over $3000 for Save the Children! Bityard has donated big bags of $SHIBA and my SuperUMAn body, EASports, donated $150 worth of $ETH. To be as cool as he is – I matched his donation in Ethereum. We sent 6.658 $BCH ($2,250 on the day) to The Giving Block and the transaction was confirmed in only a few minutes. See the Save the Children receipt below:

The raised amount was $2890 and I wanted to round it up! I donated 15 UMA from my SuperUMAns rewards to raise it past $3000. For me, this charity event was the biggest achievement ever and proved that blockchain solutions are the future of day-to-day life!

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