The Club1BCH Fantasy Football – Magical Darwin and sniper Haaland

Wow! What a start to the Premier League! Magical Darwin and Haaland the sniper took the spotlights! I predicted massive participation in the announcement article and I was right!

The KONRA & #Club1BCH Fantasy League is on, and the entertainment will reach maximal values. Same as last year, we have BCH and Konra from the @Empress as prizes!

The first round was the time to shine for the new boys, Magical Darwin and sniper Haaland showed that the price tag is right! Arsenal won in the opening game at Palace, while Liverpool only drew at Fulham. OMG Man. United … same issues as ever!

The form for this season is ready and each participant must fill it with the name of the team, noisecash or readcash user, and the BCH / @SmartBCH wallet.

Having a noisecash or readcash account is not mandatory but will help you get updates and be tagged in the articles. The form is live and ready to be filled:

Are you ready for the 2022-2023 season? Here’s the League link and your portal towards football glory! Join and show me your skills! This year’s update team will be myself @Crackers  @olawalium  @McIrx  @bmjc98 @George_Dee and @HappyBoy

Here’s the update after the 1st round of the season, with shared leadership between Eric Blake and Braulio Maia. I had a good start as well, sitting comfy on 14th, with 70 points.

I learned from last season’s mistakes and the prizes will be in BCH value. The prize chart will be at least 0.1 BCH for the winner, 0.05 for the runner-up, 0,025 for the third place, and 0.01 for the 4th, 5th and 6th manager.

The Fantasy Wallet is set up and is accepting donations. Feel free to chip in if you want: bitcoincash:qpphz7c4qf8lxvnp06hy7730dxk8vdk7wgr6c4xrc4

However, the BCH prizes will be topped up with 10 $KONRA! The @Empress will share 2 KONRA to the manager that will lead the league for Christmas, and 4 Konra to the League winner. The runner-up will receive 2 KONRA, the 3rd place will get one, while the 4th and 5th will receive 0.5 KONRA.

One Reaperville NFT was already confirmed by @JustMyRambles01 and will be given to the League’s winner. World of Masks will supply an NFT for the runner-up!

I made a good choice with Haaland as Capitan, as Pep’s golden boy made 26 points for my team. Salah with 9 and Darwin with 7 helped me to accumulate 70 in total.

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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