The Konra Kingdom – Power Farming RASTJN and Staking TOLIZZA

I started power farming RASTJN in May 2022, shortly after the token was launched. I liked the token instantly and made a challenge to farm as much as possible.

Many people think it's impossible for a reflection token to thrive. This belief is wrong, it's just that any token if done right is a lot of skill, work and time. By saying this Reflection tokens are extremely hard to manage and develop, it's a challenge for any developer which is why many of them fail in the long term. Having a reflection token by itself isn't what makes it thrive; it's best attached to existing project. You have to balance a lot of different things, all at once - supply, liquidity, rewards, use case development, integration with additional project endeavors. - The @Empress

I have KONRA, NARARTH and now I am growing a big big bag of RASTJN. Meanwhile, a new token was launched and I add it in the portfolio. Brand new TOLIZZA is an annuity token with 700,000,143 supply and single staking option.


I farmed 283 Tolizza when a ranch was added, and then stake the bounty at 300% APY. The payout period is 180 days, a nice stream of residual income. I moved the RASTJN – wBCH back to farming RASTJN when the Tolizza farm APY dropped from over 1000 to only 349%. Read the “only 349%” as sarcasm, as banks offers 1% interest to the customers.

I am the biggest LP supplier of KONRA – RASTJN, with 83.167% of the pool! The RASTJN emission is now 0.01 per block, adding rewards at an accelerate pace.

I feel like a whale when looking at the RASTJN – wrapped BCH LP, where I have 91.9% of the pool. I constantly claimed the rewards and perpetually added more to the pool, keeping the farming at the same rate even when the APY slowly decreased.

The KONRA – RASTJN LP is by far one of the most profitable and stable farm. I already farmed thousands of RASTJN, that I paired with other assets in my portfolio to farm even more. The weekly reward is above 200 RASTJN, as the APR was always above 400%.

The RASTJN – wBCH LP was the original ranch, the one that I used to grow and expand to even more ranches. This ranch is always refilled with tokens, and the APR stayed close to 1000% in the last 6 weeks. The weekly farming is close to 500 tokens.

With so much RASTJN being farmed on a weekly basis, I paired more with KONRA and secured an even bigger share of the pool. Bigger slice means a bigger part of the rewards and share of the fees.

The KONRA – CATS ranch is a new addition, a yield farm that was created to complement the other existing farming options. I made my LP with all the NARATH and 25,000 CATS, claiming 37.40% of the pool.

CashCats, or simply $CATS, is the original SmartBCH meme coin, with 1,000,000,000 total token supply. I have 131,000 CATS in my portfolio, all from airdrops and competitions. I seta target to grow the bag to 150,000 CATS but this is not a priority.

The initial APR was above 1400%, pumping RASTJN at an insane rate. Only few days later, I already farmed 86 RASTJN. The APR was still above 1000% and the level of rewards was steady. Check more at CATS – NARATH power farming 

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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