SmartBCH Journeys: Updated KONRA Ranches and the power of balanced DeFi

DeFi is cool when it’s fast and with small fees. Both aspects are possible on the @SmartBCH chain. If you are seen the announcement of the RASTJN launch, you are up to date with the new type of yield opportunities created for crypto-savvy people. Rastjn acts as Konra Kingdom’s Profit Sharing & Liquidity Machine! Just keep it to receive a share of the profit and some additional bonuses over time.

The special model of reflection token prevents whales from pump & dump, manipulating and exploiting small market cap projects because of the reflection token mechanics.

As with all reflection tokens, RASTJN will be using the static reward system for rewards distribution. Any transactions will incur fees and 1.5% of the proceeds will go into the liquidity pool and 7% will be distributed between token holders. The Konra ranches on BenSwap brought innovation and high APR for those who were ready to embark on a new crypt journey, where the community is the main focus. These ranches used RASTJN as an LP pair or as a staking reward, implementing the token utility beyond expectations.

The RASTJN – wBCH Ranch 

The ranch APR was so high, without big percentage drops, that I doubled my investment in 3 days. Read the whole article and get inspired! The adventure was just started as new ranches were announced.  If you ever want to start your DeFi journey, any APR above 500% will most likely cover any fees and losses. 

The RASTJN – wBCH is my longest-lasting LP in history, farming here for over a month. The APR kept above 1000% for weeks, with RASTJN rewards between 400 and 500 tokens per week.

I kept reinvesting the yield rewards, making my share bigger and bigger. The rewards were higher each week, even if the APR slowly slipped under 1000%. This method helped me keep the rewards at a high value, and grow the bag of RASTJN.

At the moment of publishing, I had 77% of the pool, receiving most of the allocated RASTJN rewards. How far can I go? Can I get more than 90% of the pool over the next weeks? Challenge accepted!

I withdrew the NARATH – RASTJN LP from the $EBEN farming ranch when the APR dropped under 200% and I will move and use the spare RASTJN to enter the new CATS – RASTJN pool. Fresh opportunities always arise when overwatching the Konra Kingdrom.

Keeping close to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, I used Maps to check how far are we in the process of crypto adoption. I was pleased to see that there are several places accepting $BCH close to my town, and the plan is to visit some of them in the future. Bitcoin Cash is the real p2p cryptocurrency and paying for services in crypto is the future.

Before the market started to slide, the value of my RASTJN & wrapped Bitcoin Cash reached $511. With the APR at 873% I had no reason to withdraw, even if the value of the LP dropped. The positive aspect, if it is ever one when the market is bleeding, was that both tokens had a similar drop in value so the IL is negligible. 

Another top ranch was the NARATH – Konra LP, generating KONRA. I staked my LP for about 2 weeks, and I farmed 1.87 KORNA.  I started generating yield at 1250% and withdrew at 400% APR.

Conclusion: Earn your crypto now, hold it, use it … and prepare for a future full of blockchain opportunities. I am using SmartBCH for DeFi earning and staking, as the Bitcoin Cash chain offers high-speed transactions at low fees. 

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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