The Konra UEFA Champions League – Real Madrid and Liverpool to Conclude the Fantasy League

What a week! What an amazing pair of semifinals! Football never fails to entertain and Real Madrid v Liverpool will be the pinnacle of the season. On Saturday 28th of May, both teams will show their best football … and may the best (Liverpool) win!

Manchester City was 5-3 on aggregate with a few minutes to go from the second leg, and then Rodrygo scored a brace to push the game into extra time. Who else than Benzema to save the day and show ice in the veins!

Villarreal did everything right and at halftime had equal chances for the final. Luis Diaz came in and the super-sub changed the tides of the game. Fabinho, Diaz, and Mane made it 3-2 for Liverpool and killed the “Yellow Submarine” dreams!

The fight for the first place is done, as @Kike9781 has 138 points ahead with one match to go. However, the battle for prizes is hotter than ever.  @adereign swapped places with me and took the second place, while @George_Dee comes strongly from behind and wants my 3rd place. @HappyBoy may still have chances to catch some goodies if they make some good and unique choices in the final.

The bottom of the league is a ghost town… with many abandoned teams. Shoutout to @Officialrosh1 for joining late but playing perfectly in the few rounds in the league.

The competition delivered and entertained above and beyond the comfort zone of and will receive 1.5 $KONRA from the @Empress, for winning the league. He will also receive one World of Masks NFT to add to his collection. @worldofmasksbch with great assistance as well.

The runner-up will receive 1000 $AxieBCH tokens and the 3rd placed manager will receive 50 Daiquiri from Tropical Finance.

But what is so special about World of Masks NFT? The NFT holders will earn rewards immediately after the mint. Weekly draws and giveaways are organized, and all holders are also eligible for future rare NFT airdrop. NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs once staking is live.

Check the SmartBCH Spotlights: World of Masks NFTs for more details and social media links including World of Masks Telegram Twitter and Instagram. If you want these cool NFTs in your collection, go to World of Masks and mint some!

The last prizes for the knock-out stages were kept for the semifinals. Was a great battle and @Kike9781 won again … the top after both legs with 136 points. He will get 0.5 KONRA. @SteveLight came second with 134 points and will receive 25 DAIQUIRI. @HappyBoy and @Officialrosh1 were close, with 127 points, but still far away!

Not a bad round, but it could have been better! Mo Salah as a captain, bringing 10 points, was the obvious choice. Silva and Courtois with more points were left on the bench and maybe Benzema as a captain was a more fortunate choice. I am ALL IN for the final!

Done a mini-competition in the last post and only @George_Dee is in the race with a 2-1 Liverpool win against Real Madrid. As @Gaiom and @Aimure were the only other participants I give you guys a second chance for a correct score in the final.

Join the #Club1BCH Discord for constant giveaways, competitions, fun, and crypto education.

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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