Exploring the KONRA Kingdom – Farming NARATH like a King!

Narath is the reward token of the KONRA Kingdom, created to serve as an incentive for holders that use Konra on SmartBCH. If you want to learn about KONRA then check the unique tokenomic. I got bullish on NARATH and wanted a bigger bag. I satisfied my hunger when farming opportunities were created or 1BCH.

But what is Narath? If Konra is a measure of merit and store of value, Narath will be the reward token meant to serve as an incentive for the holders that will use Konra on SmartBCH. Narath has a higher supply and the release will be spread over 6 years, which means no big-time buyers can enter the market and make a big impact. The CA for the token is 0x0cb20466c0dd6454acf50ec26f3042ccc6362fa0 and is available on most DEXs on SmartBCH. For some 268 million tokens may feel like enough but I wanted moreeee!

I staked rBCH to earn LAMBO, and the farming rate was high for many blocks. I farmed a decent amount of LAMBO token, and use it to buy KONRA. However, this is a story for another day.

When Narath was added to 1BCH DEX, I moved all the rBCH from the auto-compounding pool to earning NARATH instead of rBCH. The earnings were excellent in the first days, dropping to 100% APY as the sprinkler entered the second week. 

This is the story of how I farmed NARATH like a KING! Simultaneous with the NARATH sprinkler, more earning opportunities were added for LP suppliers. The first one was the NARATH – BCH LP, with APY close to 500% when I created the pair.

I added 0.064 Bitcoin Cash and 150 million Narath and then patiently waited for yield returns. I had 14.82% share of the pool, a guarantee of decent returns.

The second opportunity was the 1BCH – NARATH LP, where I added 5029 1BCH tokens and 163 mil NARATH. The 5.8% share of the pool was a good amount, a good start for NARATH farming.

Staked 98 USD and the earnings were trackable in a few minutes. Both LPs started to produce yield, and the 370% and 216% interest made me think that the amount I provided is just pocked money for some whales on SmartBCH.

The APY fluctuated throughout the week, but stayed close to the deposit value I had at the start of the week. The approximate return was 6% of the investment in the first 2 days. The first claim was a bit over 6 USD.

I left the assets to work in the background and the NARATH – BCH pool finished when I came back days after. The NARATH – 1BCH LP was still live but the APR was as low as 32%. 

I decided to withdraw both LPs and cash out. I farmed $14 worth of NARATH in 8 days, and a few pennies from the sprinkler. The output estimate is so accurate on SmartBCH, as the tokens I received were really close to the amount they said I will receive. The Konra Kingdom has so much to offer! I am not a crypto millionaire … I am a NARATH millionaire! 

This article was first published on read.cash by PVMihalache.

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