UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football – Semifinals, Konra and Mask NFTs

The magic of the Champions League never fails to remind us why we love football so much! In Fantasy Football we are 3 games away from concluding this amazing competition, and some will bag prizes or NFTs!

I said above about the magic of football… and you know what I mean if you watched Real Madrid v Chelsea! Los Blancos needed Benzema to push the game into extra time and a second goal to send Chelsea home. The underdog story was also present, with Villarreal getting the tickets for the semifinals with a lucky late goal.

Madness at Liverpool, top football, and 6 amazing goals. The other game was totally the opposite, with fights and anger making over the football show. I hope Liverpool will get Villarreal and Real v City will be a test of strength for both teams.

The top 8 remained unchanged, with @Kike9781 marching towards the trophy. There are now 122 points between me and the top spot, a difference too big to recover in 3 rounds. My place is threatened by @adereign and @George_Dee , with a distance so small that a goal can change our standings. No change in place up to the 8th place, with @TheStudent  @HappyBoy  and @Sponked fighting hard to reach the podium.

The competition is going above and beyond the friendly comfort zone of read.cash and noise.cash, as the winner will receive 1.5 $KONRA from the @Empress. The runner-up will receive 1000 $AxieBCH tokens and the 3rd placed manager will receive 50 Daiquiri. from Tropical Finance.

The winner of the Champions League Fantasy Football Tournament 2021-2022 (which 99% will be @Kike9781) will also receive one World of Masks NFT to add to his collection.

But what is so special about World of Masks NFT? The NFT holders will earn rewards immediately after the mint. Weekly draws and giveaways are organized, and all holders are also eligible for future rare NFT airdrop. NFT holders will be able to stake their NFTs once staking is live.

Check the SmartBCH Spotlights: World of Masks NFTs for more details and social media links including World of Masks Telegram Twitter and Instagram. If you want these cool NFTs in your collection, go to World of Masks and mint some!

Knockout Stages prizes were set to 25 $DAIQUIRI from Tropical Finance and 0.5 KONRA from the @Empress. The cumulated points from both legs made Vinsings (exoticonyi) the top manager, the round winner, and the future holder of 25 DAIQURI – with 119 points (64+55).

@Kike9781 is running by momentum and was the second manager, with 107 points (56+51). He will receive 0.5 KONRA. Leave your SmartBCH in the comments to arrange the prize distribution.

Not a bad round for me, but not a good one either. Good choice of captain, with 10 points added from Lewandowski, but low points count from the rest of the team. Had 106 points in this playoff round and I missed the chance to award myself a prize.

We just launched the #Club1BCH Discord. Join the fun and never miss an update, competition, giveaway, or any other news related to Bitcoin Cash or @SmartBCH

Let’s play another game! Guess who will play the final and what will be the score for a chance to win some $BCH. Drop your guess in the comments.

This article was first published on read.cash by PVMihalache.

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