Launching the Club1BCH Discord – Everyone is welcome

We have launched the Club1BCH Discord on 13th April and everyone is welcome! Why 13th April? Because we are celebrating 15 months of #Club1BCH … the first 15 months! Join the community and be part of the tidal wave of change!

We started the #Club1BCH journey over 450 days ago, and many many activities and community events were organized under the Club’s banner! After so many days I felt the need for a change, the need for more community involvement, the need for more social interaction. Read @bmjc98 behind the scenes story and have a sneak peek of what is waiting for you in our Discord!

Since 13th of January 2021, we have constantly evolved and from a social group, we become Bitcoin Cash/ @SmartBCH Ambassadors. We started as a single drop and in a short time, we become a tidal wave of change!

The “club” idea wasn’t formed after sessions of debate or after planning roadmaps and steps of evolution! The idea started two days before the “genesis, on the 11th of January 2021. I had just published  “Road to 1 BCH” and was the comment that gave birth to the idea!

Club1BCH has become more visual and the logo was on screen for the first time during Rob Minnick’s Humans of Cryptocurrency interview. Check Rob’s article about the interview or watch the whole video. I opened up about my crypto journey, shared my achievements and failures, and explained Bitcoin Cash hot topics and the #Club1BCH  story of the logo!

We organized meme competitions, poetry, fantasy football, and many other events, never forgetting to help the community to grow. At the moment, Premier League and UEFA Champions League are live. SmartBCH tokens and plenty of Bitcoin Cash are ready to be shared between the best managers.

We are community people and in December we shared over 3 $BCH at the Christmas cards competitionBCH Logo event, and the Club1BCH SmartBCH Secret Santa and Winter Raffle. Over 100 members of the Bitcoin Cash community received Bitcoin Cash or @SmartBCH tokens.

In January we celebrated our first anniversary and we used the event to raise money for underprivileged children. The full amount was donated to Save the Children, via The Giving Block!

It was a common Club & Friends effort, with Michael Hung from Bityard , Wojak, and SuperUMAns friends stepping in to donate!  We sent 6.658 $BCH ($2,250) to  The Giving Block and the transaction was confirmed in only a few minutes. Ethereum and UMA were also donated, raising the total amount to $3000. For me, this charity event was the biggest achievement ever and proved that blockchain solutions are the future of day-to-day life!

As a group, we constantly evolved … and the need to communicate with the large BCH community made us create our website! The Club1BCH website was powered by @bmjc98 and constantly updated with BCH news by @emily2u.

The Club1BCH channel serves as a media/social/hang-out hub for the extended community. Are you one of the 1887 noizers already subscribed?

The Club1BCH Torum Clan has nearly 1000 people and is the perfect place where you can post threads and socialize with crypto-savvy people. Don’t forget to join the clan!

If you are not yet on Torum … you are missing easy earned $XTM and a vibrant community! Join the SocialFi Metaverse and start writing and posting!

Club1BCH on Twitter! The account was created at the end of October 2021 and quickly reached 700+ followers. The 1k tweets landmark was achieved few days ago!

Club1BCH Discord is the newest thing! Will be the place where everyone is invited and everyone is welcome. Join us, hang out with us and show us how much you love #BitcoinCash & @SmartBCH

We have everything… a vibrant chatbox, NFT zone, SmartBCH room and many more.

Share random articles, giveaways and your posts in the designated place, and start your crypto learning with Club1BCH.

Are you into photography? We got it covered with Food, Pets, Random, Selfies, and Travel galleries.

Are you into Play2Earn and blockchain gaming? Club1BCH Discord is the place you want to be! Come and chat about Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, PandaLand, Pegaxy, and our Fantasy Football leagues!

Join us on DIscord today:

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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