Just Trust The Process With Bitcoin Cash

It is an undeniable fact that Bitcoin Cash has helped us a lot in so many ways and our crypto journey continues whether it goes up or down. This also serves as financial aid for some students and parents on this platform, as well as medical aid for some who are battling health issues. It only proves that Bitcoin Cash is not just for those who can afford to buy it, or those with thick cash in their wallets, but for everyone, especially the poor.

We have seen how it surged higher and reached its peak in the previous year. But due to an unfavorable market crash, it reached the bottom along with other cryptocurrencies in the cryptoverse. Along with this is the large percentage decrease in our crypto portfolio. And we can’t deny the fact that, until now, the losses are still visible and unrecoverable, and the BCH price isn’t halfway yet through reaching its ATH again.

BCH price at the time of writing

not-so-risk taker would probably freak out at the sudden market swing, especially those who don’t understand the volatility of the market yet. However, always remember that “When The Market Goes South, Keep Calm and Stick To Your Goal. We are still gainers anyway through its platforms that are giving us daily rewards.

Moreover, SmartBCH is growing exponentially and gives us more earning opportunities. The farms and pools of SmartBCH could give us passive income. We just have to be diligent and cautious and know wisely into which pool to dive to avoid further losses. And I can’t deny that my SmartBCH investment is a fruit of Bitcoin Cash.

The cryptoverse is so unpredictable and we can’t avoid its volatility to affect our investments. Some have doubted BCH and opted to give it up. Or was there sabotage behind its drastic fall from top 10 to top 25? Because it seemed like a huge holder had pulled out his investment and it was visibly scraped off from BCH market capitalization, which caused it to drop below the top tokens.

Many still undervalue BCH as they can’t see its potential value yet. Some would even discriminate or throw negative words at it just to make it appear weak and valueless. However, Bitcoin Cash is only a kid, do not belittle it! Do not look at its price or position in the crypto market. Rather, look at how far it traveled and the number of achievements it obtained within the period from its inception.

Bitcoin Cash works, overthinking is bad. And Bitcoin Cash can 10x its userbase and Marketcap ” –Pantera

Some BCH bashers are obviously, maximalists, early BTC adopters, and those who fear BCH’s success. Price-wise, volume, and market cap, BCH can’t undoubtedly be comparable to top tokens, like BTC. But think about its userbase. Think about its failures to achieve the vision written on its white paper. Its scalability issue and other continuous problems faced by its network.

People only stay with it because of its price, because they profit from it. But in terms of long-term usage, it couldn’t act as a medium of exchange, nor as a store of value in the future. Thus, not a perfect candidate for the world’s future digital cash.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash has the potential to grow multiple times its userbase and marketcap, just like what Pantera has said. And through its continuous development, transformation, adoption, and the spirit of its community working towards the betterment of BCH.

Just trust the process with Bitcoin Cash

In the previous month, Bitcoin Cash did a great achievement again. The adoption of St. Maarten’s to Bitcoin Cash as legal tender had greatly impacted its price, causing it to rise again.

Due to the recent adoption, BCH maintains its support above the $360 level and continues to rise. Sooner or later, it would surprisingly advance to a higher level than would shut the mouth of bashers.

Over the years of staying here, I just trust the process with Bitcoin Cash regardless of the market’s situation and I strongly hold my faith in it. The role of Bitcoin Cash in our life is evident and undeniably, it changed some aspects of our lives as well. But we can do things for Bitcoin Cash, just like how it continuously helps us. Patronize, promote, support, and adopt. These are some things that we can do for BCH.

Think about the future, not just today. Think of Bitcoin Cash!

*Written this last week of March so don’t be confused about the price difference from the current one.

This article was first published on read.cash by Jane.

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