My LAW Punk Adventure – LAW mining, farming and loud rewards!

Why BlockNG? Why $LAW? Why LAW Punks?

All the above questions have one simple answer… because this project leads by example! BlockNG.Money is decentralized and always brings something new for the holders/investors. The platform is powered by the $LAW token, which can be mined and earned through Liquidity Provision or mining. The token total supply is 21,000,000 LAW and is currently 6th on Market Cap Cash when ordered by Liquidity. The current value is at $0.62 but we have seen $LAW going so high that it touched the dollar mark! The future is bright… the future is $LAW! 

I discovered BlockNG.Money and LAWPunks while chatting with my colleagues about SmartBCH news. Still feel sorry for minting only 2 LAW Punks when the minting fee was only 0.01 BHC. The floor price kept surging and now sits at 0.649 $BCH for a common human NFT! That is one of the highest floor rises since Bored Ape Yacht Club! 

I minted my two LAWPunks NFTs when only 3342 were minted, paying 0.02 Bitcoin Cash. The minting was totally random, with chances for humans, vampires, trolls, or apes. The generative combination of attributes and accessories makes all 10,000 punks unique. I was lucky with my minting, and one of them was a cool Ape with cap and laser eyes. The second one is a common human female with a mohawk and clown nose. I then got 1 LAW Punk as a gift and borrowed two more for staking purposes to get a full team of five.

My Male Ape is rare, one of the 138 Male Apes ever minted by BlockNG.Money. Only 293 punks have a cap and 366 punks will have laser eyes. I would like to know how many will have both laser eyes and a cap! Do you know how many male apes will have a cap and laser eyes? I don’t know either and I don’t really care! The most important aspect is that the monkey punk has a 12 hash rate.

The full team of LAW Punks accumulated a 50.019 Hash Rate, which was minting tokens as a share of 1.1 $LAW per block.  The block reward is constantly reduced and the amount of minted $LAW will get lower and lower. This will only increase the demand and the value.

Whenever I had spare BCH I stake it on BlockNG to earn $LAW, as BEAM had EDENS ZERO live. The Edens Zero staking pool allows users to earn LAW risk-free, at a decent APR. I didn’t have much BCH to start with, and the amount of LAW was also low.

The game changed when the Vallhalla Staking Pool (VA-11Hall-A) was introduced. When I staked the Daiquri, the APR was over 300%. By the time it dropped under 100%, I already farmed 48 LAW tokens.

By the time all the rewards were minted, and the pool ended, I farmed 56.45 $LAW tokens. I don’t like lazy crypto so I moved all the DAIQUIRI on Tropical Finance. They are still working for me and generating passive income.

Because BlockNG is a project I like, I staked all the $PRE earned from Presearch to place it as the first result on Punk NFT searches. I staked the most used 9 keywords, focusing on Punk NFTs and Bitcoin Cash. The #cryptopunks keyword was searched 329 times and 30 times the user clicked the link and went to BlockNG. This keyword was already staked and I had to use 1100 $PRE to move to the 1st position.

The next search at the top was Crypto Punk, with 207 searches. The percentage of users who followed the link for BlockNG was much lower than the percentage for cryptopunks, with only 8 people clicking the link. Crypto punks completed the podium, with 97 searches and 3 clicks.

The best “click-the-link” percentage, considering the traffic, was obtained by #LawPunks, with 52% of the users using the result on Presearch to visit BlockNG. Punks Bitcoin Cash had a 75% percentage of ad clicks, with 6 out of 8 searches using the staked link.  Keyword staking was a good experiment that showed what punk fans are searching.

BlockNG & LAW Punks Library:

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I do hope that World of Masks will follow the same level of progress of evolution. World of Masks NFTs are programmatically generated art that can be minted on SmartBCH. If you don’t have one yet… check the minting page!

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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