TangoSwap likes Rock ‘n Roll … I like a slow Viennese Waltz

A new chapter started on smartBCH, when Tango Swap landed. The new DEX was ready to teach people to dance with SEP-20 tokens, in a more secure way. The extra layer of confidence was given by the two names behind the project, two well-respected Bitcoin Cash supporters: Ian Blas from Bitcoin Cash Argentina, and Fernando Pelliccioni from the Knuth development team.

The high APY made me power farm $TANGO, using the most efficient LPs on the list. I provided liquidity in Tango – XTango at 2488% APR and Tango – wBCH at 2914% APR. The stash of $TANGO kept growing in Rock ‘n Roll beats, but the bear run made it feel like a broken trumpet.

danced on Tango Swap for about one month, and even the Club1BCH Treasury used $TANGO for financing events. Even if the APR was slowly getting lower, the reward was staying high by using constant reinvestment of $TANGO into the Tango – xTango LP.

The rock ‘n roll kept playing and the dance floor kept hot for many days. I saw $TANGO going up and going down, and even if it went mostly down … I kept farming. I started with some Bitcoin Cash and approximately 500 Tango, and kept adding the profits in the pool.

But I got tired of dancing at a quick tempo, and I am getting too old for the fast pace required in Liquidity Pools. At 8.70% I don’t feel like dancing anymore. This was the moment when I decided to withdraw the LP and enjoy a slow Viennese Waltz!

Withdrew the 573.6 xTango-Tango LP, valued at 87.81 USD, and decided to maximize yield by staking xTANGO. Staked the whole Tango stash and added 1181.96 xTango into the TangoBar.

The swap fee for every exchange will be proportionally distributed to xTango stakers and the xTango will continuously compound until it gets unstaked. Let’s dance slowly and let the residual income compound.

This article was first published on read.cash by PVMihalache.

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