BlockNG new staking pools – LAWPunks drink Daiquiri

I started using BlockNG.Money in the early days of SmartBCH and minted 2 LAW Punks at 0.01 BCH each. The rest is history as the floor value of LAW Punks NFTs skyrocketed and the $LAW token kept growing and growing

BlockNG.Money is neither a corporation nor a business because it has no owner, no director, no offices, no formal organization or hierarchy, no legal entity, no business plan, no investment or any other form of activity… being fully decentralized! The platform is powered by the $LAW token, an ever-growing token. 

Whenever I had spare BCH I stake it on BlockNGon to earn $LAW, as BEAM has EDENS ZERO live. The Edens Zero staking pool allows users to earn LAW risk-free, at a decent APR.  I didn’t have much BCH to start with, and the amount of LAW was also low. I earned 0.26 LAW in 10 days, not enough to even bother keeping checking for updates. I earned about 2 $LAW with my fractions of Bitcoin Cash, and I was waiting for the next opportunity.

Daiquiri stacking for LAW earnings was announced and I started swapping assets for DAIQUIRI. Got 273 for 0.118 BCH and checked my holdings to raise the Daiquiri stash even bigger.

Withdrew Bitcoin Cash from and and bought 433.96 Daiquiri. I noticed I had 5 FLEXUSD in my account, probably from the Secret Santa event and swap them for 28 Daiquiri. 

I had 445 Daiquiri and headed over to BlockNG Beam to stake them. The VA-11Hall-A was the pool I was looking for, open for 1439 days. Easy staking on SmartBCH, and cheaper than any other blockchain (yes… including Polygon and Binance Smart Chain).

I started minting $LAW at 282.32% APR, and after one day I already earned 6.7 LAW tokens. Except for the Edens Zero pool, which required $BCH, all the others required LPs and involved 10% burn when harvesting or exiting. I decided to stick with single staking and constant rewards.

More of my $BCH earnings from and were directed to BlockNG to be staked. My current Daiquiri staked amount is 1264, and the LAW minting rate is still excellent even with the reduction at 89.46% APR. The BlockNG is definitely my number 1 choice on SmartBCH! 💥 

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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