Club1BCH Q4 2021 – Reaching the Height of a Tidal Wave

The end of 2021 was by far the most successful quarter, as #Club1BCH reached a community-wide reputation. The social media and communication aspects were enhanced with the launch of the Club1BCH website and the fresh Twitter account. The interaction on was maintained through the Club1BCH Channel and the community was invited to get involved and publish $ BCH-related articles in the Club’s community.

The idea of event wallets took off after this concept was implemented in the Premier League Fantasy Football Competition, and the launch of @SmartBCH created the need for a Metamask wallet set on sBCH. These small actions led to the creation of the Club’s Treasury, which can support and finance future events and competitions.

The autumn started with two fantasy football competitions, with the aim to bring competitive fun in the BCH community. Both competitions promoted the benefits of BCH and invited “outsiders” to earn and enjoy the P2P power of Bitcoin Cash.

Club1BCH worked “behind the scenes” to rejuvenate the BCH wider community and to expand the pro-evolution mentality. Bitcoin Cash has and always had utility but … what’s next for Bitcoin Cash? We co-hosted a Twitter event to see the current status quo of those involved, and another Twitter Space about SmartBCH.

The Premier League Football Fantasy was designed by @Crackers and was meant to be a “League of Crypto”, sending an invitation beyond and Friends and content creators from Publish0x, Leo Finance, Torum and many other platforms were invited to participate, leading to 105 registered managers.

The @Empress – one of our Club1BCH Ambassadors – accepted to pump some $KORNA and reward every Manager of the Month and give 8 more prizes at the end of the competition.

The League of Crypto prize pool was built up in a personalized, where can add up some BCH: bitcoincash:qqrs4rhyremhen7v69tgqas28963ed29z5mlwhyyxn


The UEFA Champions was the perfect opportunity to create a BCH exclusively Fantasy Football tournament. It started as a non-rewards competition but some @SmartBCH projects added prizes in the mix for extra fun. The @Empress shared $KONRA, @MoreGainStrategies shared $KITTENS and $AxieBCH tokens were shared to the managers by the @OLICRYPTO project.

The BitYard Writing Competition was the beginning of a long-term collaboration. With a prize pool of $550, the level of competition was high, as 24 authors wrote an entry. Half of them won a prize that was paid directly in the BitYard wallet.

@Cryptonators  article was the only article to receive points on absolutely all the stages and won the 1st prize with  No Need To Be A Professional Trader When You Can Copy Trade On BitYard 

 @Infinity had one of the most complete articles from the competition and BitYard. Grow your future in the yard was rewarded with 2nd place. @Crypto_Politics views about trading or not trading were awarded with 3rd place.

December was all about sharing! A plethora of events took place as an effort to create a better festive period for many, as all our members did their best to make others happy. @Jane was a beacon of hope and went above and beyond both online and in real life

While most of us had a roof above, hot food, and the comfort of a cozy home, others were not so fortunate. Typhoon Odette hit hard the Philippines and was heartwarming to see how everyone mobilized to help out. It was @bmjc98 who was the spark that started a chain of events for those heavily affected. The Fundraising For AxieBCH Scholars raised a huge amount, with @Eybyoung@charmingcherry08  and @nheng1118 helping out to enhance the blessing for those affected.

The Christmas cards competition by @bmjc98 shared Bitcoin Cash to all the entries. @MizLhaine handmade card was chosen as the winner (Tweet link).

BCH Logo Competition by @nheng1118 was a total success, with 30 entries. The most voted logos received $BCH, $WOJAK and $GAME. In other events, NFTs were shared and 8 BCHampions shared love to those content creators that were not visited too often by Rusty.

The Club1BCH SmartBCH Secret Santa and Winter Raffle was by far the most time-consuming event I organized. but so fun to organize. We had 59 participants for the event – everything had to be done manually but in the end, everyone received at least one nice sBCH gift.

Every end of the year should conclude with a gala… and this happened on New Year’s Eve! The Club1BCH Gala was the event that wrapped up an amazing year and gave a last-minute appreciation to those that worked hard to promote Bitcoin Cash.

The 2021 edition had 6 categories – the Involvement Award, NFT Artist of the Year, the Club1BCH Top Recruit, Upcoming Star, Top Original Member and Best BCH Content Creator.

The Involvement Award in the BCH Community was awarded to the @Empress for being one of the community pillars, with her hard work in innovation, onboarding and charity. @ArtistByron was voted the NFT artist of the year and @Giddyboy the Club’s Top Recruit. The Best BCH Content Creator was won by @Pantera, for his highest standard articles.

Club1BCH Upcoming Star award went to @carisdaneym2 and the star award went to @Jane … the OG member of the Year. A fully deserved award for her 365 days of constant work.

Club1BCH Q1 2021 – Genesis and events

Club1BCH Q2 2021 – Promoting and Evolving

Club1BCH Q3 2021 – Unwrapping the full potential

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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