BitYard x The Giving Block x Club1BCH – All united to Save the Children

The Club1BCH Anniversary event just concluded and BitYard helped with a large part of the Bitcoin Cash raised during the event. BitYard is building a legacy based on evolution and charitable event, showing that doing good is as important as being one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Writing for a cause – Save the Children

The 3rd Club1BCH collaboration had a twist, more articles published will raise more BCH for Save the Children. Michael Hung from BitYard agreed to match my $100 donation and committed to send $200 worth of Bitcoin Cash at the end of the event.

The “writing for a cause!” event covered the evolution of crypto charities and any BitYard user was able to participate. Every writer received USDT and $20 in BCH was added to the Save the Children donation for every article.

We had 10 amazing people stepping up, meaning that $200 will be donated to Save the Children. Check them all on Twitter at #BityardCharity

BitYard Is Constantly Innovating by @Eybyoung

Let’s change the world … Let’s Save the Children by @PVMihalache

Innovations In the Yard – @CoquiCoin

Innovations with BitYard and Crypto Charities – @TengoLoTodoo

BitYard … Simply Bityard – @Infinity

Crypto making charity work easy by @Sairaa

BitYard Supports Crypto Charity Events by @bmjc98

Save the children, save the world – a BitYard Charity initiative by @H3ruvim78

Innovation Meets Charity by @meitanteikudo

BitYard: Not Just A Crypto Trading Platform by @jane1289

BitYard & The Giving Block: Crypto + Charity = Love

BitYard charity involvement is admirable the legacy of humanitarian involvement is slowly reaching new heights. BitYard collaborated with Publish0x  and committed to donate 50,000 SHIB through for each article summited for the MyCryptoOutlook. The number of entries was 51, resulting in 2,550,000 SHIB donated for charity through The Giving Block.

If you participated and added 50,000 SHIB to charity … well done! For everyone else, now is the chance to have another charity involvement by checking the latest BitYard event! BitYard & The Giving Block = LOVE 💜 Crypto + Charity = Love 💜 

The new event runs on Twitter, and is aiming to raise a total of 100,000,000 SHIB. For each follower, every like and re-tweet given to the event will add 100 SHIB into the pot, growing the value of the donation for every interaction. If the target is achieved, $2200 will be donated to Save the Children.

At the moment the tweet has 81 likes, 61 retweets, and 12 quoted retweets, summing up 15,400 SHIB. It’s plenty of SHIBA to be raised so do your part for charity!

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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