smartBCH Spotlights : OASIS.CASH

“NFT Marketplace … smartBCH needs an NFT Marketplace!” I was saying this months ago, since the launch of smartBCH. It was in the early days when all the action was on BenSwap and $EBEN and $CATS were the main tokens around. I liked $CATS since day one and I am grateful for the airdrop I received because it is my most valuable SEP20 holding! The 1 billion $CATS to 1 billion people was my favorite promo campaign.

When Oasis.Cash was announced, I was thrilled. I knew that the launch of a specialized NFT market will help the ecosystem bloom. Finally, a fully decentralized NFT Marketplace on smartBCH was available. The Introducing Oasis article on covered all the details about the project and the team.

The Oasis team united three reputable names from the smartBCH community under a single vision… a frictionless, permissionless and simple NFT market. Jay – the creator of SmartScan, Fuego – the creator of CashCats and Tijn – the professional graphic designer, joined their forces to build the market that will allow users to explore, buy, sell and admire smartBCH NFTs.

The CATS 4 CATS was the first promotion on Oasis, and $CATS holders could buy CashCats NFTs. Because $CATS started the DeFi trend and the $CATS holders where the early pioneers, the community deserved a Metaverse Thank You! The CashCats NFTs were designed as a token of appreciation for the crypto-savvy people that owned $CATS since the beginning. 

The collection had 10,000 unique CashCats NFTs, randomly generated with various features. This was the only collection available on Oasis in the first weeks after launch.

More collections were added gradually, and the number keeps growing every week. NFT collectors can now view and trade CashCats, Poolside Puffers, Thrones: Queens, Tropical Gulls, Crypto.RATS and DAIQi.DUDES, Potato Coin NFTs, LAW Punks, Fat Cats and many more!  I hope soon to see some ArtistByron listed on Oasis!

How does it work? Log on Oasis with the Metamask Wallet and use $BCH on smartBCH chain to bid on the NFTs you like. You can manage your NFT collection and view them all in the Oasis Wallet.

I must end with showing off my NFT collection, viewing it on OASIS! I currently own 5 LAW Punk, 5 Fat Cats, 2 BA Robots and 1 CryptoR.AT, but I will probably buy more NFTs as interesting collections are launched.

Same with the $CATS I am holding, the little furry creatures are here to stay! We’ll talk in 2025 about the advantages of HODL and “how lucky” I am to have so many $CATS in my bag! 

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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