The Last Day to Give Bitcoin Cash – Let’s Change the World! Let’s Save the Children! 

We started the #Club1BCH charity event on the 13th of January, aiming to raise 5 BCH for Save The Children. As we reached the last day of the event … I am happy to announce that the target was achieved and surpassed!

You are not late … you can still send donations! The full amount will be sent to Save the Children, helping the new generation to grow in a world that will integrate blockchain solutions, not in a society hit by poverty. Let’s change the world!

The crypto charity donation is simplified by The Giving Block, the best place to use crypto for charitable gestures. The Giving Block was founded in 2018, implementing new fundraising methods emerging from the cryptocurrency landscape.

I am a fan of The Giving Block, already using it for charitable events organized with the SuperUMAns, but Let’s Change the World is by far my favorite! The Club1BCH campaign is the first one that focused on raising Bitcoin Cash – the real Peer2Peer Bitcoin! Feel free to contribute any amount and help underprivileged children have a better life!

The wallet holding the funds is a multi-signature wallet, which needs two out of four users to sign any transaction. The full amount of $BCH collected between 13th and 31st of January will be sent to Save The Children.

Use $BCH wallet: bitcoincash:pry06fudhhv7tfrhv3v7mpnwwwtx7glezcyakmmcwx OR scan the QR code to donate:

I started the event with $100 sent to the wallet, and Michael from Bityard matched my donation. He also committed to send $200 more before the deadline.

The first day of the charitable event started en-fanfare, raising 1 Bitcoin Cash in 24 hours, with small donations the following days.

The target looked impossible to achieve, but was reached due to the huge donation from @Wojak … 5 BCH! Thank you for the kind donation! We raised 6.082 $BCH so far and 0.05 ETH was sent to Save The Children as part of our event.

I had to show @Wojak my appreciation for the kind gesture and the best way I could think of was to mint a Wojak NFT and use it as my avatar!

There are plenty of Wacky Wojaks to mint for 0.04 BCH each. Some of them have rare traits and only a few are naked. Mint a naked Wojak and you will win a reward.

Earn some positive Karma today… donate some BCH for a better future, or at least check the latest Bityard event! It started on the 26th of January, and will last for a month, aiming to raise a total target of 100,000,000 SHIB. Each follower, every like and re-tweet given to the event will add 100 SHIB in the pot, growing the value of the donation for every interaction. Crypto + Charity = Love 💜 

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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