Club1BCH Q2 2021 – Promoting and Evolving

Quarter 2 of 2021 was marked by BCH promotion and the evolution of Club1BCH as a group. The support for Bitcoin Cash projects and the BCH community made us be close to @OLICRYPTO , and the Olicrypto game.

Oleksandra Oliynykova is the world-first Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Global Ambassador Athlete and the main hero of the OLICRYPTO game. The players are the $OLI token holders, and the game outcomes are based on her real-life performance.

My interview with @OLICRYPTO is a source of inspiration and I am happy to call her a true Club1BCH Ambassador for her dedication to promoting Bitcoin Cash.

The Great People of Bitcoin Cash: OLICRYPTO – Part 1  – About Tennis

The Great People of Bitcoin Cash: OLICRYPTO – Part 2  – About Crypto

Bitcoin Cash the Reliable NFT

I had the pleasure to assist CoinSteps from the Happy Crypto Family project to design the Bitcoin Cash the Reliable NFT. The Non-Fungible Token was shared to #Club1BCH members, and users for free!

The Special Bitcoin Cash Illustrator was created to celebrate 6 months of Club1BCH, and the NFT was shared on WAX blockchain. The Bitcoin Cash Illustrator, was a version of Bitcoin Cash the Reliable that left the money printer go brrrr and started some artistic activity. This one turned out to be a rare one, as the creator vanished before doing the distribution.

Spice up your #CryptoCooking with some Bitcoin Cash spices and herbs!

Talking about crypto and cooking are two of my top skills. I wanted to create a synergy between both and this is how the Bitcoin Cash, Read Cash and Noise Cash spice mixes were created.

I share it on social media and to my surprise I sold some packs. I also sent some to my friends in the UK and I was convinced that Bitcoin Cash will soon replace classic payment methods and ancient technology powered by banks and the government. Bitcoin Cash is the solution for transparent and efficient businesses!

Why is this important for #Club1BCH? Because my Bitcoin Cash earnings went into my wallet to sponsor more content creators and to fund some of the Club’s events and competitions.

The EURO 2020 Fantasy Football Competition

The Fantasy League started in Q2 and concluded in Q3, being a real success. It had to have top prizes to be attractive, and I committed to adding the tips from all the articles about the competition in the prize pool.

The “managers” had $100 million to spend for 15 players, the starting 11 and 4 subs. They received points based on the real match performance and they will compete for BCH prizes.

The #Club1BCH was used on Twitter for meme competitions and to share the best BCH articles. Bitcoin Cash is a method of payment, don’t expect bulletproof glasses.

Quarter 2 consolidated the position in the Bitcoin Cash community, and a few new members were recruited. The Telegram group reached 45 users, and the friendship bonds and positive vibes were stronger.

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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