Club1BCH 2021 Gala – The Awards Ceremony

We had a busy December and just few days ago we wrapped up the events and unwrapped gifts. From fundraisers for those affected by Typhoon Odette to NFT giveaways and Christmas competitions … Club1BCH did try to make a better month for the Bitcoin Cash Community.

The work ratio was kept at higher standards throughout the year and in the last day of the year … it must be recognised! Ladies and Gentleman, a warm welcome to the 1st edition of the Club1BCH gala!

The 2021 edition had 6 categories – the Involvement Award, NFT Artist of the Year, the Club1BCH Top Recruit, Upcoming Star, Top Original Member and Best BCH Content Creator.

The Involvement Award in the BCH Community goes to the @Empress for being one of the community pillars, and the continues work in innovation, onboarding and charity. Take apart $KONRA and $NARATH and all that remains is a kind and sociable person that is always willing to help out! Congratulations!

We had a pool for the NFT Artist of the Year, and the choice was between 5 artists that are currently active on noise or readcash.

This was the only pool where the result wasn’t dramatically close, with 78% of the votes going to @ArtistByron ! Congratulations and hopefully we will see your work on @SmartBCH soon!

@Giddyboy was voted the 2021 Top Recruit, with 21% of the casted votes. It was a contested pool as he was followed by 5 other recrutuits with 13%. The guy could be a detective, as he is the quickest to find all the words to unlock gift wallets.

@carisdaneym2 is 100% an Upcoming Star! She’s always keen to help out, and always sharing some $CANDYMAN! It has a clear lead, with 39% of the votes. @HappyBoy was the runner-up, with 18% of the casted opinions.

The hardest category was the vote for the OG member of the year, based on quality content, overall activity and the support shown to the community. It was a duel between two top stars but at the end it was @Jane who finished top!

@bmjc98 had 7 votes from 25, while @Jane was chosen OG member of the year by 10 people.

Congratulations 🎉 This may be a humble token of appreciation for your hard work throughout the year, and a proof that you are one of the best.

I am proud to know you, and will never forget that you were one of the readcash stars when I joined… and you still are! I said it before that you are a monument of kindness and will say it every day! Don’t stop believing in yourself, because I will never stop believing in you!

Drum roll please….. the Best BCH Content Creator goes to @Pantera ! Have you ever read his articles? He writes at the highest standard every single time! He does the most complete guides and he is one of the most ethical persons I meet in the Cryptoverse. Congratulations!

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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