The Bityard & Club1BCH Crypto Academy

Club1BCH content creators joined forces with Bityard and a series of educational articles about various crypto topics. Under the #SantaBityard banner, they wrote about fiat gateways, spot markets, trading pairs, perpetual features, copy trading, and many more hot topics.

The topics were distributed on a first come – first served basis, and everyone was free to choose their favorite. The allocation was as follows:

How to register – @H3ruvim78

How to deposit – @TengoLoTodo

Fiat Gateways (Banxa) – @meitanteikudo

Spot Market: @Eybyoung

Spot Market: 300 trading pairs – @Infinity

Futures: Perpetual futures – @Laurenceuuu

Futures – CFDs Trading – @MoreGainStrategies

Copy Trading – @Sairaa & @PVMihalache

Join the Affiliate System – @bmjc98

Grow your future in the yard – Introduction to Bityard by @H3ruvim78

What is Bityard, you may ask? Well, to say it simply, in just a few words, Bityard is an one-stop trading platform for investors from all around the globe. I can already hear your questions in my mind. Are they safe? Are they good? What they can offer different that other direct competitors? Well, this will be an interesting journey.

How to Deposit in Bityard by @TengoLoTodo

Bityard has just had a greatly improved user interface. With this new UI and also a new slogan "Grow your future in the Yard" Bityard has taken cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level, providing users with a better trading experience.

Fund Your Bityard from Fiat via Banxa by @meitanteikudo

Another good thing about Bityard is, even if you are just starting, you can jump in on the fun. And when I say "starting", I mean that you have yet to earn or receive your first cryptocurrency. In Bityard, you can directly buy your first every digital asset or coin using your fiat currency. All you need is a card, VISA, or Mastercard will do.

And that's made possible by Banxa. Banxa is a payment integration gateway like Paypal. It's one of the gateways you can use with Bityard. In this article, let me show you how simple it is to fund your Bityard account with your cash using Banxa.

Bityard: Spot Market! by @Eybyoung

I chose to write review on spot market in Bityard since currently it is the one I am using

BitYard – Spot Market: 300 trading pairs by @Infinity

Obviously, there are the classic pairs, the ones that everyone knows BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BNB/USDT, BCH/USDT among others.  The more you diversify your entries, the better, so you are not short of options.

Bityard – the Easy Way to Trade Crypto With or Without Leverage by @MoreGainStrategies

Are you looking for a fiat onramp to crypto? Are you looking for a trustworthy crypto focused trading platform with low fees? Do you want to trade with and without leverage? Do you want to go long or short on a wide selection of cryptos, commodities or stock indices? Do you want to trade forex?

If you answered any of the above questions with "yes", then you are most likely interested in learning about Bityard - the one-stop trading platform. On Bityard you can buy crypto on the spot market, you can go long and short on a wide selection of cryptos with leverage, you can trade stock market indices and commodities like gold, oil and silver with leverage - both as a long and as a short position.

How To Perform Inverse Perpetual Trading In Bityard? by @Laurenceuuu

In inverse perpetual trading, you need to learn to look at the coin's value not the USD value because you trade based on what you are holding.

SantaBityard came early – Copy Trading Christmas! by @PVMihalache comes with a matching article about copy-trading on Publish0x

Bityard Copy Trading, an amazing opportunity for beginners by @Sairaa

If you're a beginner and you want to trade crypto but you're afraid you might make wrong decisions and loss your money, well no worries you can do Copy trading on Bityard and take profits without doing much.. you want to know how? 

BitYard Affiliate Program by @bmjc98

Aside from enjoying its perks of having one-stop financial trading services and low trading fees, BitYard also lets its users earn commission through the affiliate program.

  • None of the above must be considered financial advice! The users are sharing their personal journey and provided some feedback on their Bityard experience. Do your own research!

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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