Happy Birthday Noise.Cash – 365 days of building a strong community

Was early in the morning of Christmas Eve 2020 when that little message on the header of the page drew my attention. Would you like something like read.cash but for shorter messages?” Hmm … maybe! “Make some noise and get Bitcoin Cash” Ohh… well… then YES!

I was hit by simplicity and efficiency, as the new platform was a pristine world. Can’t say exactly how quick I joined but I am 100% sure that I was in the first 10 users on noise.cash and that my “Hello people from noise.cash” post was the 3rd on the platform.

Happy Birthday noise.cash! You’ve been a loyal companion and you can take the merit for at least 3 BCH from my bag. Earnings are adding up, and counting them up has become easier after the addition of the weekly earnings reports.

It was a pleasure to see you learning to walk and I must say that now I can’t keep up with you as you are running like Usain Bolt!

I know that many updates and upgrades are being planned in the background, and I am happy you brought back the free tips! That was how the story started, and it looks like this is the way forward.

When the free tips were re-introduced, I was again one of the early ones to notice. I was surprised when I saw the “You just got a FreeTip!” message and I didn’t expect to see this again.

The FreeTip mechanics were the same as the old tipping system. The tipping bar starts from a minimum of 20% to be kept by the tipper, and up to 80% of the tip.

Did I say it follows the same mechanics? I was wrong… because this time the tip comes from the NoiseCashFund as a suggestion from the user, which means that the suggestion can be ignored.

This new (old) chapter started unexpectedly, and the FreeTips must be appreciated and respected by both parts of the transaction. They were removed because of tip 4 tip schemes and a high level of spamming, which means that the system should be spam-proof this time.

Spam proof I said … Yes! Do you wanna hear about the little thing I discovered while tipping? Have you noticed the color code? Tipping someone with up to 33% of the amount of the money will keep the bar gray, which keeps the reward fair.

As you move the percentage between 34 and 50%, the color of the tip will change into a shade of orange. Maybe you are being a bit greedy by holding half of the tip, especially when the fund was created for users who post interesting and original content.

We all know color-coding, where green will be the universal color of freedom and red means to stop. Once a user wants to keep 51% or more of the FreeTip, the color changes to red. You must realize that this is a bad thing and I am sure that doing so will affect the amount of tips a user will get.

Spammers are still around, and they are getting smarter. This guy copied a noise from another user and post it in Spanish. His bad luck was to translate my post and then done another mistake by posting it on the Club1BCH channel. He was hit by the ban hammer!

However, some users are totally brainless … like this one that posted this comment to something that had no link with the noise. This was so random and poor that was reported as spam.

And it wasn’t so bad if it was an isolated event, but a few seconds later this other guy gives the exact comment! Red flag! Red flag!

Let’s move away from poor behavior and announce some competitions linked to the noise.cash anniversary. Check this Club1BCH Twitter Thread as this is the place where various events will be posted and the place where you can tweet your journey.

Check out this event created by one of the #Club1BCH originals … Queen @Jane shares a big bag of anniversary gifts! Follow the instruction posted on noise or check the tweet for more details!

Sharing is caring, and the free tip is for “them” not for you! Happy Birthday dear noise.cash and many more years on the market! Keep us informed, keep us informed and keep helping us in our Bitcoin Cash journey!

This article was first published on read.cash by PVMihalache.

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