It’s Game On! with the GAME Token

The $GAME token was launched on @SmartBCH  as the world-first CRUT-token, The token has healthy and transparent tokenomics, and will bring interest to all holders as it’s feeding into three ecosystems: Play2Earn, E-Sports and NFT Gaming. Contract address – 0xd2597a0bde31Ddec2440E256d8AA35eb63F1A9e3

The token was designed as a token with utility, being the financial vehicle of the #AxieBCH gaming guild. The guild members will use GAME’s pure allocation and return on investments tool in the same way as real-life stocks and bonds.

The guild will use GAME for funding Play2Earn events and activities and a percentage will be shared as royalty . GAME will also be used as native token for Play2Earn and E-Sports activities at Axieport.

The first implementation of $GAME will be in the Axie Infinity Open League, with season 1 of the competition to start in Q1 2022. The NFT e-sports ecosystem will implement raking systems, and GAME aims to become the universal gas for this purposes. All the prize and all registration fees will be paid out in GAME, while all the sponsorship and product placement fund inflows will be converted into GAME.

The $GAME tokenomics are unique, as it was developed from scratch – not a code copy or a fork of an existing token. Every GAME transaction is “taxed” with a 5% fee from which 3% will be distributed among current holders, proportionally to their stakes in total GAME emission. This tokenomics will let the grow $GAME while you hold it in your wallet,

The remaining fee will be shared half and half (1% and 1%) in the GAME Liquidity and GAME Utility baskets. The Liquidity Basket will keep the resources needed for operations and growth, utilizing the farming and staking rewards at the best interest of GAME holders. The Utility Basket will be used to buy back $AxieBCH tokens, to fill the GAME IMMO Wallet and to be used as re-investing capital.

GAME ON! Let it grow while I sleep!

I made a habit of being late on new @SmartBCH projects, and GAME makes no exception! About half a day after the listing, I hit the secondary market and planned to buy 8,000 tokens by using 0.1 BCH.

The 5% tax was deducted and I received 7600 GAME tokens after the transaction concluded. This is not my current bag as they started to grow in my wallet, thanks to the unique tokenomics. I now have 7613, with the 2 days growth.

The market looks like the Red Wedding but $GAME is holding well! The value of my bag dropped a little, from 0.1 to 0.09 BCH, and feels like the right time to add more $GAME in my portfolio.

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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