Journal: Opportunities of Bitcoin Cash

A lot of people are supporting Bitcoin Cash and you will see it in its community specifically and These two platforms give a huge contribution to mass adoption and promoting Bitcoin cash.

Also, Bitcoin Cash never lets the opportunity pass as it is following the trend from NFT, DeFi, and Gaming. Recently, smartBCH was released as Bitcoin Cash side-chain where the main objective is to adapt DeFi. If you try smartBCH, you will realize that it is different from others because it only costs cheaper fees and I believe that it is a game changer.

Now, since there are different opportunities in Bitcoin Cash community, I will get this moment to inform that Bitcoin Cash never fails to support and follow what is written on Bitcoin paper. It helps a lot of people including me, this coin will never be forgotten.

How Bitcoin Cash helps me as a student?

These platforms are considered a blessing by users as they give a lot of opportunities and give everyone financial freedom. As a student, this kind of platform is a game-changer to the point that it helps me to provide for my basic needs. I even bought a study table and study lamp which I used for a long time.

Opportunities of Bitcoin Cash

Helping other people

I still remember when other users before were asking for help because they cannot provide for their needs. Someday, my plan is to help other people—probably a charity to give help to other people who are unfortunate in life. Hopefully, fate will follow according to my plan for its actualization. If you also remember, we have a generous user @bmjc98 who had a project called charity box where the objective was to help people.

Saving money

Since a child, I am a fan of saving money for future purposes and other unexpected expenses. Luckily, this trait of mine doesn’t change until now because I still like to save money as long as I have money to save. In this kind of situation where the number of positive patients arises, it is better if we will start saving and investing money while we still have jobs.

Additionally, since I can save Bitcoin Cash, it also gives an opportunity to call it an “investment” and “electronic cash” that we can use in our daily expenses.

I even had a $1 challenge before inspired by @bbghitte, however, I stopped doing it because it ended up in spending much fees.

Meet new friends

Lastly, meeting new friends virtually is one of the best things that happened to me during my stay here. I even have friends from different parts of the country and we believe that “Time zone doesn’t matter” we assure that despite time differences, we still have communication when our time merged.

Furthermore, being part of #Club1BCH is an honor for me. This club changed my perspective on #BitcoinCash and cryptocurrency. They helped me in different aspects!


Bitcoin Cash is not only about profit and loss, it is all about how can we use it in our daily expenses, how we use it for living, and how Bitcoin Cash helps us every day. The answer is simple, it has a fast transaction and low fees and it suits on what we need, it will be the future. It is giving us a lot of opportunities not only financially but also socially and intellectually.

Overall, although the price of Bitcoin Cash is not moving quickly than other coin. We must have patience, as what I have said, Bitcoin cash is not only an investment but also electronic cash. We should not focus on its price but on its utility case. You know, the main objective of Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash.

This article was first published on by Laurenceuuu.

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