Club1BCH & Bityard Events – Three Crypto Opportunities

After the success of the #BullishBityard writing competition, new opportunities to earn crypto are brought by the #Club1BCH and #Bityard  partnership!

1) 2021 BitYard Christmas Survey 📊- $5,000 Prize Pool

The survey is open to all BitYard users, and the results will be used to provide better services and products in 2022. Customer’s opinion is important feedback will be used for future improvement.

Fill the form to be eligible for small tokens of appreciation. The first 100 entries will receive 10 USDT trail funds and the 10 to 777 participants will receive 5 USDT trail funds.

The users who offer the best suggestions will be awarded with 50 USDT trail funds. There is no limit to the number of winners. Please share your idea as much as possible.

The submitted information will be kept annonymous and confidential. All rewards will be issued before the 23th of December. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Michael and the Bityard team! 🥳


2) AMA with

The Travala AMA will take place on the 15th of December at 18:00 SGT Time (UTC +8) in the BitYard Telegram group. The Reward pool is 400 AVA shared during the event.

Part 1️⃣: A brief introduction to AVA and team

Part 2️⃣: 100 AVA/5 users – We’ll select 5 questions from the community. A user can post maximum 3 questions. 10 Questions will be selected from this form

Part 3️⃣: 100 AVA/5 users – Open chat. You can post Max 3 questions. AVA Team will select 5 questions and answer them.

Part 4️⃣: 200 AVA/10 users – A quiz about AVA and

👉You need to be a Bityard user and join BitYard Telegram group

3) Content Review for Bityard 

The event was a prize pool of 300 USDT. This event was supposed to be for Club1BCH members only but I will expand it to the community. If any of the non-members top content creators want to review any of the tasks I will allocate that for external content. Each review will be paid $30 directly into the Bityard wallet.

Each topic can be covered once, so pick quickly. You must add your Bityard UID at the end of the article. The review must briefly cover Bityard as a platform, licenses, one-stop trading, fees, affiliate program and end with a conclusion. The focus must be on one of the topics below. The topics will be allocated on a first come-first served basis. Publish your article in the Club1BCH community and share it on Twitter with #Club1BCH and #SantaBityard hashtags.

The deadline is on the 21st of December and the prizes will be sent before Christmas Day.

Current Bityard reviews allocation:

How to register – @H3ruvim78

How to deposit – @TengoLoTodo

Fiat Gateways (Banxa) –

Spot Market: @Eybyoung

Spot Market: 300 trading pairs – @Infinity

Futures: Perpetual futures –

Futures – CFDs Trading –

Copy Trading – @Sairaa

Affiliate Center Features –

Join the Affiliate System – @bmjc98

Don’t forget to join the other Club1BCH December events and to stay tuned as more events are still to be announced.

The Club1BCH SmartBCH Secret Santa and Winter Raffle

The #Club1BCH Secret Santa

This event is open to Club1BCH members and ambassadors. The participants will commit to send at least $3 worth of any @SmartBCH token to the address that I will give. I will manually work on matching the participants so no one will get missed. The minimum $3 gift is just a recommendation, as there is no upper limit set for the event. If you are not a member, partner or ambassador… scroll down for the The Club1BCH @SmartBCH raffle.

If you are a member, partner or ambassador and you wish to participate, then fill this form: Club1BCH Secret Santa. Make sure you add a correct SmartBCH wallet and make sure you understand that at least $3 worth of tokens must be sent to another participant, and you will receive a gift as well.

The Club1BCH @SmartBCH raffle

You want to participate to the 2021 Club1BCH SmartBCH raffle? If the answer is yes, then you have to complete the participation form. I will try to drop some tokens to as many as possible, depending on the number of participants. You might get some @CashKitten , or some #AxieBCH! I heard that @TheEmpress may drop some $KONRA for the participants.

*Please note that a SmartBCH address is required for a valid participation

Club1BCH Christmas Cards Competition – @bmjc98

Create your very own Bitcoin Cash Christmas themed card, either hand-drawn or digital. Participants can submit unlimited entries but one prize per account policy applies.

Write a meaningful caption and post it on Twitter with the hashtags #LoveBCH  #BitcoinCash #Club1BCH and tag @Club1_BCH. Comment your tweet in the Club1BCH Christmas Cards Competition article and tag 3 friends.

The deadline for entries is the 22nd of December and the winners will be announced on Christmas Eve! The top five entries will share a $15 prize pool, the winner getting $5 readcash tip, the second place receiving $4 readcash tip and so on until the 5th place.

This competition is for the broader community and the Club1BCH will participate in a different pool, with prizes paid by me and @bmjc98. For full details, read this article.

Club1BCH social media links:

Club1BCH Channel

Club1BCH on Twitter

Club1BCH website

Club1BCH SmartBCH Wallet

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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