The Club1BCH SmartBCH Secret Santa and Winter Raffle

The magic of Christmas started with the first minute of December, and will grow bigger and bigger until we will get into festive vibes and ready to sing carols. The #Club1BCH elves will make sure that the community will get in the good mindset for the festive period.

Before we even start … I will give you a hint regarding what kind of prizes will the Secret Santa share. Read “SmartBCH will never be slower then Ethereum” to get a sneak peak of which chain will be used for rewards and find out some token names that may be included in the raffle.

For those that are keeping grumpy as Grinch … I have a spellbook and some weird potions to share. You don’t know yet … but the image below is another spoiler for another December event. Just to raise the excitement, at least 4 events are planned this month, with prizes available in both Bitcoin Cash and SEP-20 tokens.

Because I like complicated things done right … this event will have two different parts. Because Secret Santa will send anonymous gifts, a simple and private google form was required

The #Club1BCH Secret Santa

This event is open for Club1BCH members and ambassadors. The participants will commit to send at least $3 worth of any @SmartBCH token to the address that I will give. I will manually work on matching the participants so no one will get missed. The minimum $3 gift is just a recommendation, as there is no upper limit set for the event.

If you are not a member, partner or ambassador… scroll down for the The Club1BCH @SmartBCH raffle. If you are a member, partner or ambassador and you wish to participate, then fill this form: Club1BCH Secret Santa. Make sure you add a correct SmartBCH wallet and make sure you understand that at least $3 worth of tokens must be sent to another participant, and you will receive a gift as well.

The Club1BCH @SmartBCH raffle

You want to participate to the 2021 Club1BCH SmartBCH raffle? If the answer is yes, than you have to complete the participation form. I will try to drop some tokens to as many as possible, depending on the number of participants. You might get some @CashKitten , or some #AxieBCH! I heard that @TheEmpress may drop some $KONRA for the participants.

*Please note that a SmartBCH address is required for a valid participation

This event is part of Q4 of Club1BCH journey, and the activity report will be soon available. Until then feel free to read Club1BCH Q1 2021 – Genesis and events.

This article was first published on by PVMihalache.

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