BCH is the future: My children will grow as financially independent adults

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is my long-term plan to assure that both my children will grow up as financially independent adults. If my hard work and forecast pay off, they will never depend on fiat money or financial institutions such as banks. Bitcoin Cash keeps Satoshi Nakamoto’s legacy alive by providing a “fast, secure, worldwide peer to peer electronic cash system with low processing fees”.

Why do I choose Bitcoin Cash for my long-term plan?

I invest in many cryptocurrencies; I have many different ones in my portfolio, and each of them serves a plan. But Bitcoin Cash is unique and has the potential to become the most important cryptocurrency in the world. It has a Circulating Supply of 18,640,149 BCH from the 21,000,000 total token supply and is better than Bitcoin at most of the attributes. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is better money for the world as the request for fast, borderless, cheap transactions is growing. Bitcoin transaction fees are volatile, going between $5 and $50, making it impractical for casual spending and micro-transactions

Created as a Bitcoin hard fork, Bitcoin Cash’s main focus was on increasing the size of the blocks and allowing more transactions to be processed. Bitcoin Cash maintained the peer-to-peer currency status, a status that Bitcoin lost over the years. With transactions taking hours or even days, Bitcoin does not meet the current demand for instant payments, an attribute that Bitcoin Cash fully integrated. Take a look at the Bitcoin Cash/ Bitcoin/ Tesla CyberTruck and tell me which one is better? Bitcoin is now a store of value not a digital currency and is far from low fees. You may moan because Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have bulletproof glass but neither does Tesla CyberTruck.

Another difference between BCH and BTC is that Bitcoin Cash did not incorporate SegWit to retain information from the transactions in the block. Even if they are different by block size and ideology, they’re both using the same Proof of Work consensus mechanism to mine new coins. I have seen many debates saying that if Bitcoin will be launched today, it will never rise above the “shitcoin” status.

Bitcoin Cash will be the gift for a stress-free adulthood

Cryptocurrencies stand to transform the way businesses and individuals exchange value and this is the reason why Bitcoin Cash is my wildcard, the long-term plan that will help both my children to become financially independent adults.

My baby boy is nearly 4 months now, while the older one is nearly 6 years old. I plan to raise two Bitcoin Cash portfolios which will be handed to them as an 18 years birthday gift.

I started my Bitcoin Cash (BCH) journey in November, when I joined read.cash. Then noise.cash was launched at the end of December and I was with them since day one. I can say I was one of the first 5-10 people on the platform. These two are my Bitcoin Cash generators, and the reason I embarked on this journey. The journey started as a way to earn more crypto and expand my portfolio but quickly transformed into a more person-centered mission. This metamorphosis happened when I truly understood what Bitcoin Cash can do and its dormant potential.

I achieved the 1 Bitcoin Cash milestone in less than 3 months, on the 11th of January and my “Road to 1 Bitcoin Cash” article was the idea that created #Club1BCH. I couldn’t ever achieve this target without the help of my read.cash friends and my best friend Rusty, the Random Reward Bot. Rusty always treats me well, and always comes back to splash the cash. Have to clarify that I’m Rusty’s Fairy Godfather as I gave him the name that was quickly adopted.

All the Bitcoin Cash tips were sent to my Celsius Network account. The BCH income surged since December, when noise.cash was launched and as I like to say … it stared like a raindrop and now is a tidal wave.

Let me expand why Bitcoin Cash will be the gift for a stress-free and financially independent adulthood. I started the BCH journey in November 2020 and I earned my first Bitcoin Cash in about 3 months. The road to the second was a bit bumpy but happened before 11th of April therefore under 3 months. My calculation is just forecasting the earnings at the same rate for some years, until my boys will grow. As I said, is a long-term plan and as you know … Rome wasn’t built in a day!

As I said above, my firstborn is nearly 6 so he will receive his BCH stash in about 12 years from now while my second boy is just a few months old so I have about 18 years from now to grow his Bitcoin Cash adulthood gift.

The Bitcoin Cash will be collected and will grow in the same pot until the 2033 “fork”, when half of the accumulated Bitcoin Cash will go to Dennis. The remaining half will grow for another 5 and a half years.

Bitcoin Cash Clairvoyant

I will reach 2 BCH quicker than 6 months but to make it easier to calculate I will round it up at 4 BCH per year. Twelve years from now may see the Bitcoin Cash portfolio grow to 48 Bitcoin Cash.

This approximate takes into consideration the current criteria but I believe the number will be much bigger as the Celsius interest will grow at the same time as the Bitcoin Cash number. Another positive aspect that will influence the growth is my progress as a content creator and the boost from noise.cash which will help me to win the “Dad of the Year!” competition.

So statistically speaking, I may reach 52 Bitcoin Cash by 2033, when the amount will be split in half,

The other half will keep growing until 2038, when may reach 46 Bitcoin Cash. Half of the stash (26 BCH) and an 4 BCH yearly (20).

Adding Value to Numbers

Bitcoin Cash was $152 on the 13th of March 2020 and was valued at $608.82 on the 13th of March. The value is far from the $4,355.62 ATH and from the real potential. The growth in the last year was over 300% but for a more realistic forecast, I will not multiply the BCH by four each year. I will only add the gained value every year as the 4x growth per year is nearly impossible. Instead, I will deduct the 2020 value from the 2021 value and add the remaining $456.82 as the yearly growth.

If this pattern will continue then, by 2033 Bitcoin Cash may reach $6109.66 per unit and $8401.26 by 3038. We just witness Bitcoin growing from $3274.50 to $61,711.87 in one year, a 18x growth. My forecasting is pure fantasy or maybe I was too conservative with the growth level. Bitcoin Cash is better and more useful than Bitcoin and this makes me believe that the numbers I calculated may be much bigger than expected. Time will tell!

  • The forecasting is made based on statistical data and is not financial advice!

Dad of the Year? No … just Crypto Dad!

If this long term-hard work and commitment will pay off then one will receive at least 26 BCH for his 18th birthday, which at the 2033 forecasted price will be worth nearly $160,000 and the other one will receive 46 BCH, which at 2038 forecasted price will be worth approximately $386,500 or even more.

I believe that $160,000 in 2033 will still be enough to start a small business and $386,500 is enough to buy a house, a car and look forward to a stress-free life.

What can you do with that amount of money if you are 18 years old with an entrepreneurial mindset? My first guess will be … sort your future and invest, create your own business or even take a sabbatical year to consider the options. I will not mind even if they will spend the gift on expensive cars, jewelry, properties or even … Bitcoin. By 2038 I hope I will do the full cycle, from retarded to retired, and this will be the final act of the #PVM story. My mission will be completed and will be time to finally relax … Bahamas here I come!

Mic Drop!

This article was first published on read.cash by PVMihalache.

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