With Bitcoin Cash, we are like family (Club1BCH logo meaning)

“We are one revolving around Bitcoin Cash like a family because with Bitcoin Cash we embrace each other regardless of our status and race. With Bitcoin Cash we are united.” –Eyb

Image Source: 123rf.com || Edited by yours truly.

Making brand name logos does not only come with styles and design; some brand logos have meanings behind them. As I made the logo of Club1BCH, of course, I will give meaning to it. I wanted every member to see the logo know what messages are conveyed in it.

Some time ago, @Dolores made a logo contest about your logo at read.cash. I made a girly logo and I had given meanings every detail of it. You can see it here but don’t waste your time it’s just crap lol. I love giving meaningful thoughts to what I do, especially if I love doing it.

I am never a master of doing logos, I was just having fun doing it and never thought it would seriously be used. I even thought that everyone can make their logo for the club but @PVMihalache made this logo official and I am very glad that he likes what I made.

So how did I made this one? First I downloaded a logo maker app. I just made this one on my mobile phone.

Then I chose a ready-made template for the logo. The template belongs to the “Fashion & Beauty ” category, I chose the template because it’s a circle type with a cute and unique design.

After choosing it, I replaced the background color of a Bitcoin Cash logo and cropped it.

I like it because the white circle with the BCH ticker perfectly fits the logo template. Then I just changed the color of the two circles revolving around the BCH ticker and the three little leaves into moss green. Then I proceeded to write letters which are the “Since 2021, Club and 1BCH” supposed to be it was “1BCH CLUB” at first but @PVMihalache suggested me to change the words to make it more unique. I wrote, “Since 2021” for us to remember when the club was established. Before polishing it, I even asked my partner’s opinion about the logo, the color of the letters was supposed to be “orange” but he said “make it black to make it look classic or formal” maybe he finds the color “jejemon” lol. I got the color ideas from BCH logos and tickers too because sometimes it’s orange, then I realized it was BCH ABC color, I mean Amaury preferred color from the Bitcoin logo and ticker itself.

Club1BCH Logo Meaning

So now let’s proceed to give meanings to this artwork. This is harder than creating the logo lol. Anyway, I must give justice to the logo as it is circulating read. cash, noise. cash & in Twitter.

Green Background – green is the color of the BCH logo because it represents the color of money (dollar perhaps) 💵 as it aims to be the world’s digital cash in the future. Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world. Perhaps because of its strong associations with nature, green is often thought to represent tranquility, good luck, and health. Seeing greens is relaxing, especially nature and of course the green market lol.

White Color – The BCH ticker is white. White represents purity and innocence. But the most accurate meaning that can be collated to BCH is like a blank slate that symbolizes a new beginning and fresh start. BCH will create new beginnings to give people all around the world “freedom” on its own money, free from inflation, and free from third parties (banks and government).

Two Circles – As you can see two circles are revolving around the BCH ticker (B sign) one with a bigger size and one with a smaller size. The bigger size of circles symbolizes the mass adoption of BCH while the smaller size represents the community. Why I chose adoption as the largest circle? It’s because when there is more BCH adoption, the BCH future is secured as it will never be out of use. It’s like the world-embracing BCH making it more secure and the community who build it as well (little circle). Although BCH is not yet adopted massively I believe we will come to that.

Three little leaves – Green leaves depict hope, renewal, and revival. In general, leaves are symbolic of fertility and growth. The three leaves represent the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, BCH has a lot of nodes operator such as BCHN, BU (Bitcoin Unlimited), BCHD, and so on. Bitcoin Cash blockchain will give hope, renewal, and revival to all the people all around the world regardless of the status and race. Rich or poor, white or black whoever and wherever you are Bitcoin Cash is within your reach.

“We are one revolving around Bitcoin Cash like a family because with Bitcoin Cash we embrace each other regardless of our status and race. With Bitcoin Cash, we are united.” – This is the shortened meaning of the logo, we are one like family. From the builders, community, adoption, and the BCH blockchain aiming for a brighter future ahead.

That’s all. I hope you like the logo and the meaning behind it. That’s all that I’ve got in mind. You can add if you have any better ideas. Thank you!

#Club1BCH #We💚BCH

This article was first published on read.cash by Eybyoung.

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