Club1BCH – 10 months of support for the Bitcoin Cash (r)evolution

Happy World’s Kindness Day! I wish you all a happy day, full of moments of joy and bliss! Happiness comes from small things, so don’t forget to make someone smile today! Be Happy! Be Strong! Be unstoppable!

My journey added another quest to my persona saga exactly 10 months ago … the epic adventures of the BCHampions! Club1BCH was born and morphed from a handful of people to an active voice in the Bitcoin Cash Community. You see a series of events, moral support, technical assistance and a new vision for Bitcoin Cash, but you are missing the “behind the scenes” constant effort to rejuvenate the BCH world

The current Cryptoverse climate is pro-evolution. The crypt-duels are a thing of the past and the present asks for constant evolution. A plethora of blockchains and cryptocurrencies are competing for the people’s attention, trying to “lure” whole communities by providing unique tools and utility.

Bitcoin Cash has and always had utility! Bitcoin Cash has and always had unique tools! But what’s next for Bitcoin Cash?

What’s next for Bitcoin Cash? How Bitcoin Cash can improve and reach new (old) highs? @georgedonnelly asked this open question … and Twitter was the Space used to bring community members together, in an amazing brainstorming session. Was an absolute pleasure to participate and bring some “out-of-the-box” ideas for the journey that is yet to come.

I will keep my stand, saying that the energy and time consuming ping-pong game against BTC must dim. Bitcoin Cash must start a journey towards global adoption and ignore the hate that comes from other directions, because “haters gonna hate!”

The next Tweeter Space meeting focused on DeFi, and how @SmartBCH can be a game changer. Bitcoin Cash has the opportunity to fill a sector that is currently struggling due to high fees, clogged networks and slow transactions.

@Crackers thinks that NFTs are the answer, and I agree that artists need a home… a NFT marketplace that will be easy to use, will have low fees and will offer fast transactions. @SmartBCH can offer all the above and many more.

I think everyone wants safe DeFi projects, and @BCHPad is the answer! Everyone wants to invest into projects that are verified, without worrying about rugpulls and scam tokens. This is my concern before investing, and even with all the DYOR in the world, some projects will look genuine … until they will run away with the money.

Other opportunities that are there for the taking can be found in blockchain gaming, play2earn and sports. @OLICRYPTO is doing a great job promoting BCH in the tennis court, while paying the $OLI holders dividends from her tournament prizes.

The AxieBCH gaming guild covers the play2earn sector, offering Axie Infinity scholarships to the members of the Bitcoin Cash community. The scholars are paid in $BCH for their play time, income that will also help with the BCH onboarding and transaction volume.

The above are just few examples of ideas that will bring Bitcoin Cash to the demands of the modern era. and are constantly contributing, with the tools that aid content creators to have reach and generate income for their fair work.

Club1BCH started with a single drop, started from an idea! The idea was not to HODL Bitcoin Cash, not to accumulate it fanatically and never spend it, but to earn it and use it smartly. Bitcoin Cash is money and must be used, but the trend I found in 2020 was to earn few dollars and quickly change it in fiat money. I started to challenge the behavior, and for some was an eye-opening epiphany. Holding it as crypto was more useful than converting it in fiat because of flexibility. Also fiat never grows, only depreciates.

Club1BCH was never a club, was never a clan, was never an elitist group of people that thinks they are above others. We are a movement that wants to change what the majority thinks about Bitcoin Cash … we are a tidal wave of change. We are the same as Carlo Petrini … activists for a better future!

How can you reach people if you don’t have visibility? Some will say that and are a BCH bubble and the amount of information that goes outside is limited. This is why Club1BCH joined Twitter, this is why you can get your daily dose of BCH news and see the good news story from the BCH ecosystem tweet by tweet.

From zero to 235 followers in a month sounds like an achievement. My personal account was created in 2015 and up to 2020 I had less than 100 followers.

The Club1BCH website is also a new addition, a new method to share big and small achievements on the world wide web.

The Club1BCH ecosystem

Club1BCH news on

Club1BCH news on

Club1BCH website

Club1BCH Twitter account

Club1BCH Read.Cash Community

Written by: @pvmihalache

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