#BullishBityard – The Writing Competition Results and Awards

After receiving the feedback from all judges and adding the community vote into the mix I can finally announce the winners of the #BullishBityard competition.

After the above steps, 18 out of 24 articles received at least one mark and were involved in the final calculation.

1st Place ($150) @Cryptonators

@Cryptonators article was the only article to receive points on absolutely all the stages and without further due … ladies and gentleman … a standing ovation for our winning article: No Need To Be A Professional Trader When You Can Copy Trade On BitYard 

2nd Place ($125) – @Infinity

One of the most complete articles from the competition and a spot on mention of a bullish BTC for Q4 which was confirmed by the new All-Time High. Feel free to read the whole article: Bityard. Grow your future in the yard 

3rd Place ($100) – @Crypto_Politics

An article that provided a good feedback to a hot question – Bityard – trading or not trading? The article provided a good insight of Bityard‘s tools and how to use them.

4th & 5th Place ($50) – @Eybyoung and @H3ruvim78

Read about how Grow Your Assets with Bityard and how to use Bityard to grow your crypto portfolio. Bityard is a hidden gem coming from Far-East and I can see a bright future for them and the native $BYD token.

6th to 12th ($10) listed in the ranking order:

Crypto Trading with Bityard & coins I’m bullish about – @Sairaa

Bityard is Bullish – and So Am I – @MoreGainStrategies

Bityard, a good option for newbies – @CoquiCoin

Advantages Of Using BitYard Exchange And Why I’m Excited To Use It (Again) –@bmjc98

Bityard and Polkadot – @ErdoV

Bityard = Simple – @Btran1368

Bityard: The Eagle Eyes Yard – @SuperJulalaine

Other articles that received points or marks – in order of the standing:

Bityard and the Bullish BCH – @Giddyboy

Bityard conversation – @meitanteikudo

Bityard the pace setter. – @HappyBoy

A BIT of a sneaky peek into my YARD – @TengoLoTodo

A newbie’s gotta start sometime, somewhere – @emily2u

Bityard Exchange | Exciting Features | Loaded for the Future – @AbunEnt

Twitter Random reward using the spinning wheel: @TengoLoTodo and @HappyBoy – each will receive $5 worth of USDT

The list of UIDs was sent to Bityard and they will be processed in the Thursday payout. Until then … grow your future in the yard!

This article was first published on read.cash by PVMihalache.

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