BullishBityard: Community voting while waiting for the judges verdict

The #BullishBityard competition is approaching the winners announcement, probably over the weekend.

The Bityard feedback was amazing and Michael Hung was impressed by the quality of the entries and added two more prizes in the pot.

The competition had $550 set prize pool for the best 10 articles which now was raised to $580 shared by the top 12 articles and 2 random Twitter gifts. The prize will be paid into the Bityard wallet using the UID left in the article.

The top 12 entries will be rewarded as it follows: 1st place = 150 USDT / 2nd place = 125 USDT / 3rd place = 100 USDT / 4th = 50 USDT / 5th = 50 USDT / 6-12 = 10 USDT. Two extra rewards of 5 USDT will be randomly awarded to two users that shared the event on Twitter with the  #Club1BCH  and #BullishBityard , @Bityardofficial & @BitYard_Global tags.

Check all the 24 entries in the Bullish Bityard Competition update and stay tuned for the upcoming announcements!

While waiting for the judges I feedback I decided to run a series of votes, like a play-off system, to see which articles were the most appreciated by the #Club1BCH members.

The first round includes all the participants, allowing everyone to cast one vote in each pool. The articles with 10% or more votes qualified for the next round.

Round 2 followed the same system and 9 articles qualified for the final round. The results from the final will be added to the votes of the judges, counting 25% in the partial marking.

The Final vote was very competitive with only @meitanteikudo standing out as a leader, followed by @infinity and @MoreGainStrategies for 2nd place and everyone else sharing the 3rd place. After this votes will be mixed with the judges decisions their weighting will be reduced to only 12.5% therefore having only a little influence.

Once the results are announced I will share the UID list with Bityard and they will start sending the prizes. Please note that this may take up to 7 days.

This article was first published on read.cash by PVMihalache.

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