#Club1BCH: Meet The Club’s DNA and The Members

Qoute by PVM

The river swell is now rolling upward and forward and creating a massive change, touching every soul it runs by and lifting everyone’s hope. From a skeptical holder to full of goals and determination to surge higher, as high as the winning spot of the green coin tailed with Cash – the Bitcoin Cash.

What Is #Club1BCH? Does it ring the bell? Even the newbies and noobs knew this name. A once imaginary club and fantasy stories have been turned into reality. Anyone who dares to enter the club’s ship is welcome to go aboard and a green badge will be patch on him/her, for as long as he/she deserves the spot.

Since January 13, 2021, the club has been inspiring and motivating people for nine months now and still counting. It may sound dull to the ears of those who belittle BCH, but for small dreamers like us, nothing is impossible if you have the determination to soar higher. A once small dreamer stepped up and dreamt higher, carrying the green flag on his/her shoulder.

Do you want to know more about the club? Everything You Need To Know About Club1BCHis all over read.cash/noise.cash. Just channel to search button, enter the keyword “Club1BCH“.

More frequently asked questions? Move your finger and hit this link, Club1BCH FAQs.

But have you ever wondered who are the original members of this club? The Club1BCH DNA is what PVM called us. Different people from different places with a common denominator and relatives not by blood, but by dreams and goals. And it’s anything about the main motivator, the Bitcoin Cash.

Now, let’s start the introduction.

Meet The #Club1BCH’s DNA

First off…

The Founders

@PVMihalache (Founder)

A superhuman from the southeastern part of Europe, Romania and currently settling somewhere in England. The man behind the birth of this club. If crypto never sleeps, PVM’s mind works like blockchain and seldom sleeps. The blockchain’s interweaving nodes and codes are figuratively flowing in his synapses and cells sending new thoughts, diverting them into new opportunities, and disseminating them around the club’s zone. From any kind of crypto to NFTs, giveaways, and competitions, he’s a legend of all and the source of new earning opportunities that could benefit the members of the club. A superhuman with a mind that never sleeps like the cryptoverse and a soft-hearted man. That’s PVM!

@Eybyoung (Co-Founder)

A clever little BCH-enthusiast from the archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines. The woman behind the process of turning the fantasy club into reality, the main star of the club. Without her initiative, the club would not have existed by now and we are probably still wandering around this community with claiming BCH rewards as the only main goal. Thus, we owe this woman a lot just like how we owe PVM. A clever little BCH-enthusiast full of courage and enthusiasm for the success of Bitcoin Cash and the Club1BCH. That’s Eyb!

Now let’s go to the original core members and start with the ladies followed by gentlemen.

The Core Members

First off…

@bmjc98 (Treasurer/Web Developer)

The most hardworking Filipina of the club, and for her, resting means more grinding. The lady behind the idea of creating the club’s website and is very hands-on in everything, from holding the fund, moderating the groups, organizing events, creating content, and developing the website. The club’s prodigy and multi-tasker at its finest. The next PVM. That’s MJ!

@Jane (Content Creator/Moderator)

Who doesn’t know the name, Jane? Of course, this is me, the one who made this content. A once undetermined Filipina pushed herself up to pursue her goals and show the less motivated ones that nothing is impossible if you have the determination. Continuously learning new things about this crypto world, inspiring, motivating people, and giving back to the community for more than a year. A goal-oriented lady full of dreams and never allowed doubts and negativity to push her down. A BCH-believer. That’s me, Jane!

@Eirolfeam2 (Content Creator/Moderator)

A young smart and positive lady who is consistently showing progress and continuously inspiring others to follow the path of success. Have you watched her video promoting Bitcoin Cash yet? Check it out here https://youtu.be/kuWsrdFWA4k. A goal-seeker, young investor, and crypto enthusiast, a future young Filipina millionaire. That’s Florie!

@Ruffa (Content Creator/Moderator)

This good-humored and light-hearted Filipina won’t let your day get bored. From being simple and noob, she excelled and became a crypto enthusiast motivating and giving joy to people following her path. A real inspiration, full of hope and joy, that’s Ruffa!

@carisdaneym2 (Content Creator/Developer)

Small but terrible? This cute little BCH-enthusiast is always surprising us in different ways. Do you know that she’s the creator of one of the SmartBCH tokens? The $CANDYMAN. A smart alec, open-minded, self-driven, and enthusiastic young fella. A future developer. That’s Car!

Check out her BCH Treasure Hunt. Collect the words, and soon, you’ll be able to import the seed phrases and sweep all the BCH inside the wallet.

@emily2u (Content Creator/Editor)

A Malaysian lady who just landed on the club and now she’s enjoying her stay. Am I right Em? A sedulous lady I should say, full of dedication and deliberately taking her path and action towards achieving her goals. Quick-witted and tenacious lady. That’s Em!

@tired_momma (Content Creator/BCH Supporter)

A tired momma her name might say but this BCH mom never gets tired of supporting the BCH community. Her good deeds and motivating words keep inspiring her followers as well as the whole club. Compassionate, gracious, humble, generous, and conscientious BCH mom. That’s Momma!

@nheng1118 (Content Creator/Banner Maker)

Another Filipina mom full of determination to learn and explore this crypto-verse. She’s also the artist behind the birthday banners of the club’s celebrant. Do you want a banner and meme soon? Just call her name and you’ll have it right away. Nimble and quick. That’s Nheng!

And here comes the gentlemen of the Club1BCH

@MoreGainStrategies (BCH Advocate & Vlogger/Technical Analyst)

Are you familiar with this smart German? The one behind the creation of the “All About Bitcoin Cash” Youtube channel. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, then check this link. https://youtube.com/c/AllAboutBitcoinCash. Check the channel and learn more things about read.cash, noise.cash, and Bitcoin Cash. A man that highly contributes to BCH adoption and continuously shares his technical analysis and insights about certain things and crypto platforms to give awareness to the community. A quick-witted, well-versed technical analyst. That’s Morgie!

@jiroshin (The Artist)

The artist of the club, the man behind these cute green avatars you can see around the community. Every move of his finger could create clashing sounds that could impact the whole art. A skillful and ingenious artist. That’s Josh!

@Crackers (NFT Artist Introducer)

Looking for NFT artists and NFT airdrops? Just follow this man behind the “NFT: Meet The Artist” series on read.cash. A Gregarious and amiable man. That’s Crackers!

@Mr.Trenzs (BCH Supporter/Contributor)

The celebrity of the house! Just kidding. That’s Mr. Trenz AI version. He’s a BCH supporter and a contributor to the club. He often does analysis and posts anything about Bitcoin Cash. Happy and cheerful, and love to interact with the BCH community. That’s Mr. Trenzs!

Do you want to know about NFT PUNK minting? Check his posts about it.

@Laurenceuuu (Content Creator/Moderator)

Another hardworking student of the club, a BCH-lover. He’s a person who diverted his path from left to right and proved that we should always move forward towards a better change. An earnest, optimistic, and eager to learn new things. That’s Lau!

There you go. The core members of the Club1BCH. People from different places and different races with only one goal inside this community, and that is to show strong support to Bitcoin Cash and motivate people to pursue their goals and never give up. We all started from being noob to fully equipped with knowledge and memories gained from interacting with these different fellas around the BCH community. It’s not always about rewards, it’s about experiences, knowledge, memories, and fun. It’s all about Bitcoin Cash’s huge impact on our lives.

The DNAs are Determined/Driven and will continue to Nurture, serve, inspire, motivate the people of this community until everyone steps up and discovers their own Abilities to make a greater change. Until then, we’ll just let the river flow and run downstream to a wider body of water. To be stoppable and indestructible!

Club1BCH other members include:

@Yen @Jeaneth @eommaZel @ExpertWritter @Fexonice1 @HappyBoy @fantagira @Peter-Molnar @JonicaBradley @Panky @meitanteikudo @charmingcherry08 @immaryandmerry @dziefem @NosCha @andrianlover @KennieKing @bheng620 @Ellehcim @Idksamad7869 @Ashma @Meyzee @Glez @MicroReylatos @Usmanshoaib

Tiktok BCH Promoter: Daisy Fabria

SBUSD Developer/BCH Supporter: @Kain_niaK

BCH Supporter: @SimonBruzzi

BCH Developer: Josh Ellithorpe (noise.cash/u/zquestz) creator of https://youtube.com/c/BitcoinBCH and http://bitcoincash.org

And the new members:

@Infinity @Bloghound @FarmGirl @Kelzy @LykeLyca @Lumenye @CoquiCoin @crimsonowlkk @MyHero

Check out the latest events of Club1BCH:

Do you like football? Check it out, play, have fun and win BCH rewards.

Do you like trading and making reviews? Check it out, write, publish, and win up to $150 for the winning prize. The total prize pool is $550 worth in crypto.

Club1BCH latest blogs:

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Follow us on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/club1_bch

read.cash community: https://read.cash/c/club1bch-4ac4

noise.cash channel: https://noise.cash/c/club1bch-9x107x5l#

noise.cash chamber: https://noise.cash/n/club1bch

Welcome, aboard to the Club1BCH!

This article was first published on read.cash by Jane.

October 15, 2021

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